How to stay out of prison

If you’ve been arrested in Greeley, your first step should be worrying about whether or not you’re eligible for a bail bond from ASAP Bail Bonds. If so, you can get out of jail, often in a matter of hours, but you’ll need to focus on your defense strategy for when you are asked to stand trial for the alleged crime.

Staying Out of Prison

Above all, your number one goal should be to avoid prison time. While every case is different, you need to decide what you’re going to do and where you should seek professional help. Once you’re out on a bail bond, you’ll have plenty of time to work with an attorney for advice or representation, both can make a tremendous difference on the likelihood that you will find yourself behind bars.

There are Alternatives

Depending on the nature of the crime, there are almost always alternatives that officials would rather see you pursue than prison time. Whether this means requesting this during sentencing from a judge, making a deal with the prosecutor before or during trial, or even working with the arresting police to push for a counseling program or other alternative from the jump. In any case, prison alternatives are almost always far superior in terms of the allowed liberties, lasting impact on your record, and even the statistical likelihood that you’ll commit another crime. The state stands to benefit as well, since you won’t be racking up the huge costs associated with an inmate and you’re far more likely to find gainful tax-paying employment.

Know Your Rights

When you are arrested, depending on the crime, you are almost always entitled to seek the help of a bondsman to receive a bail bond in exchange for time spent in jail awaiting your trial. Furthermore, from the moment of your arrest, you are entitled to seek the services of an attorney to represent your interests to the police, prosecutors, and in court. You don’t have to talk about your case at all, which can help you immensely when your trial date approaches. Just remember this: You don’t have to say anything, and whatever you do say can be held against you in trial; however, there are times when admitting guilt and taking a reduced or alternative sentence is far better for your circumstance than risking prison time in a trial would be. If you ever have a doubt or question about your rights, be sure to consult with an attorney right away.

Push Hard for Alternatives

If it becomes likely that you are going to see prison time, don’t be afraid to push hard for an alternative sentencing. After all, just about any probation or counselling service is preferable to prison time. Work with an attorney to strategize the best possible solution for your case and minimize the likelihood that you’ll see prison time and always pursue a bail bond whenever available!

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