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If a loved one has been arrested in Greeley and you’re hoping to use a bail bond to spring them out of jail quickly and easily, that usually isn’t a problem. There are, however, rare instances when bail can be denied from the accused altogether. If your loved one fits any of the following descriptions, they may be denied access to bail bonds in Greeley.

Believed Flight Risk

If the accused has a track record of missing court dates or is seen as an especial flight risk for any reason, then they can easily be denied bail. The courts can look at other factors that can help to determine the likelihood of fleeing their trial, such as:

  • Foreign nation citizenship, which can offer a potential safe harbor for the accused to run to (and remain within) in lieu of attending the trial.
  • History of resisting arrest, fleeing a trial, or skipping out on bail in the past; even minor things, like failure to appear for minor violations, can come into consideration.
  • Admission of a desire to skip a court date or noncompliance with the recent arrest. A judge can look at the circumstances of the arrest or the behavior of the accused during a bail hearing as evidence for their likelihood to reappear later. We always advise full compliance with arresting officers and jailhouse personnel.

Particularly Severe Crimes

The severity of the crime often greatly influences the bail amount and eligibility. Some courts and particular judges place bail ineligibility on heinous crimes, typically felonies. If the accused is seen as a potentially violent criminal, because of the current charges or a previous conviction, the judge can also choose to retain them based upon the possibility of them committing another crime upon release. This is not intended to have a discriminatory aspect, but rather to keep potentially dangerous individuals from creating further public disturbance before the trial date.

Broken Probation or Parole

If your loved one has broken their probation or parole, then the court will likely make their bail amount or eligibility reflect this broken trust. For both parole and probation, the accused has essentially agreed to good behavior in the future (often for a set period of time) in exchange for early release or a lenient sentencing; by breaking this agreement, they have essentially violated the trust of the criminal justice system, and can expect little leniency in the future. Whether their parole or probation was broken already or is because of the charges brought against them, this situation is one of the most likely reasons that access to bail bonds is denied in Greeley.

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