In Jefferson County, Colorado, when a friend or loved one is arrested, they will quickly be taken to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center in Golden, CO. Today, we’ll go over a few reasons why you will not want your friend or loved one to remain in jail here any longer than they have to, as well as how to get them out ASAP.

Why and How to Get A Jefferson County Bail Bond

Obviously, you don’t want your loved one to remain in jail any longer than they have to – no matter where that jail is. There are, however, certain county jails that should be especially avoided; while Jefferson County is far from the worst place your friend or loved one could end up, it is no walk in the park either.

Violent Crime

Unfortunately, there is a disproportional amount of violent crime in certain Colorado counties, with Jefferson being one of them. Now, the term violent crime may awaken your imagination, but we are primarily referring to things like theft; while disproportionately  violent, the inhabitants of the Jefferson County aren’t going to be as frightening as those in Chicago or Detroit, for example. Still, the booking and holding experience your friend or loved one will have in Jefferson County can be quite different from what they may have found elsewhere in Colorado. As mentioned above, it isn’t any place you’ll want them to spend any longer than they have to within.

Longer Booking

Again, with Jefferson County ranking among the higher areas for crime in Colorado, there is a widely fluctuating number of bookings that take place. This is also aggravated by the fact that the county is relatively tall, making it quite a drive from the further reaches of the state to Golden, where the jail is. Juggling the ballooning arrests, travel time, and the numerous consecutive bail bond applications can make for a longer booking and release process. Granted, if your loved one is fortunate enough to receive their booking at a slower time, then the practiced efficiency of the jail’s staff can lead to a speedy release.

Jefferson County Bail Bonds

It is important that as soon as your loved one is arrested in Westminster, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, or any other Jefferson County city or area, that you contact a local bail bonding agent as soon as possible. While there are plenty of bonding agents throughout Colorado that can help you to get your loved one released, only an agent located near the jail can offer the greatest reaction times, staff and process experience, and, ultimately, release time for your loved one. Remember, that while any licensed bonding agent can get your loved one out of jail, only an agent that is located near the jail can get them out of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center with the optimal bail bond.

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