In our previous blog, we went over the rights that any police officer owes to you, whether you are a citizen or not, in the event of routine questioning or arrest. Today, we’ll cover your responsibilities when dealing with the police and how breaching those can result in a violation of your own rights and responsibilities, which could lead to your arrest.

Conduct Yourself Properly, Get Arrested Less

Simply put, police officers are trained to follow suspicious behavior. If you show them reason to arrest you, then you can expect to be treated as such. If you know your rights, as outlined in our last blog, and exercise them calmly, then you may be let off from an otherwise arrestable offense or keep from being arrested over not what they suspected you did, but your behavior toward them, which happens all too often in Adams County.

How to Behave Around Police to Not Get Immediately Arrested

If you’re interacting with police for, quite seriously, any reason, then you need to follow this set of advice to remain out of cuffs and get back on your way:

  • Be calm and polite
  • Never interfere with an investigation, even if you have knowledge about the case or suspect wrongdoing on behalf of the police
  • Never lie or provide false documents; it is better to say nothing at all
  • Remember that you can dispute the terms of your arrest in writing after the arrest, so never attempt to fight back or dispute police misconduct at the time of arrest
  • Feel free to exercise your rights, even if you are not suspected of a crime
  • Police have the right to “pat you down” to make sure you aren’t armed and dangerous, but further searching must include your consent, so you can politely refuse
  • Never talk to police from inside your home if they come to your door, either speak through the door (requesting a warrant, for example) or step outside and close the door
  • Never, under any circumstance, should you resist arrest; ask why you are being arrested and calmly state that you want to remain silent until you are able to speak to or obtain a lawyer

Contact ASAP Bail Bonds

If you are arrested, it is still wise to follow all of the above conduct points, as failure to do so can (and will) be used against you in your case. If you behave yourself appropriately, even in the face of police misconduct, you are much more likely to see the charges against you dropped or reduced later on. Calmly request to speak with a lawyer and/or family member that can contact one for you, then have them reach out to ASAP Bail Bonds on your behalf. Together, we will help to get you out of jail and back to your family; from there, you can work out the details of your defense with your attorney or contact organizations like the ACLU if you feel you’ve been mistreated after proper conduct under your rights during your arrest.

If you’ve been arrested in Adams County, contact our team for a speedy bail bond!