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Nothing is more saddening to us than to hear of people attempting to go it alone in the bail system, only to have to eventually seek a last-minute bail bond from the first bondsman they can get ahold of. If more people knew of how easy it is to work with one of the incredible bondsmen at ASAP Bail Bonds in Boulder and through the rest of the Front Range, we believe much of the stress could be avoided.

Going It Alone In the Bail System

Unfortunate Circumstances

Most people don’t need to seek out bail during the most convenient time. Don’t expect to end up in this situation just after dinner on a Tuesday evening, when nothing else is going on; instead, most bail circumstances start with a phone call at 2 AM when you have far too much to do the next day, sleeping kids in the next room, and no idea as to what to do next. This is the reality for most loved ones that end up needing to figure out bail for someone recently taken to jail, and it’s why we try so hard to make their situation as easy as possible.

Unhelpful Systems

Most prison guards and administrative staff are accustomed to dealing with bail bondsmen that know how navigate the system, therefore they aren’t particularly known for being accommodating to Boulder families looking to inquire about posting bail themselves. This can lead to a frustrating experience that makes a stressful time even moreso. Worst of all, if you plan to post bail yourself, you’ll likely need to visit your bank or scrape together money in the middle of the night, which is all but impossible. Either of these barriers can result in your loved one sitting in jail for hours or even days longer than they need to.

Unreasonable Costs

Often, the most widely cited reason for using a bail bondsman is due to the absurd cost that even minor crimes carry to post bail. First time offenders can even be seen getting bail amounts in excess of 10,000 dollars for relatively minor offenses. If you decide to post bail yourself, your cash will be tied up in the court system while your loved one awaits trial, which can put your entire family into an unnecessary hardship. Of course, the court needs collateral to secure the release of the accused, largely for the potentiality of the  costs associated with the manhunt that would ensue if they fail to appear.

Make It Easy

In contrast to everything listed, you could instead contact ASAP Bail Bonds for a bondsman that knows the Boulder courts system and how to get your loved one out of jail as fast as possible. Not only that, but you won’t have to put up an absurd amount of money or worry about whether you’ve even found out the right amount needed, place to go, or time to pick them up, because we’ll handle all of that.

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