Scrap the prisons, build cruise ships

The true beauty of the United States lies in the dual-governing system of individual states and federal law; this system allows individual areas to craft their legal system in a way that is beneficial to the political climate in their region. One downfall of this system, however, is that some things can get blown out of a reasonable proportion at the state level – potentially in every state.

Too Much Prison

Cumulatively, the United States has more prisoners incarcerated with longer sentences than any other modern country on the planet. In fact, the total tallied prisoners, parolees, and otherwise disciplinarily-monitored adults in this country is dauntingly higher than the international average – as is our crime rate. While it may seem like crime is followed by punishment, the data clearly shows that the harsh punishments and easily-doled out lengthy prison sentences in the US actually creates more crimes, leading to more punishments, leading to even more crimes. The obvious conclusion is simple: We have a tremendous prison problem.

Prison is Expensive

Locking up a single inmate costs between about 40 and 50 thousand dollars annually, depending on the state. To put this in perspective: This daunting sum of money is also in line with the average US family’s household income. Yes, for the price that it takes to house and maintain a single prisoner, they could just as easily sit at home and collect a paycheck that is roughly equal to yours; were we to offer this deal, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? In fact, prison spending is so ridiculous that, for just a slight amount more than we already spend to keep a prisoner under lock and key, we could instead send them on a series of week-long all expenses paid cruises for that year.

Finding Solutions

While calling up the major cruise lines to arrange for the foundation of a Caribbean Convict Cruiseship may not be the best possible use of our tax dollars, investing a portion of the already hefty funds we’re pouring into prison systems everyday could add up to some truly impactful community outreach and crime deterrent programs that could cut down on the need for prisons to begin with. If we just took the time we spent arresting and incarcerating people to instead look at systematic changes at the individual state or federal level, we may be able to take a chunk out of this longstanding prison crisis.

Know Your Rights

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