1. Stopped By Police? Know Your Responsibilities

    In our previous blog, we went over the rights that any police officer owes to you, whether you are a citizen or not, in the event of routine questioning or arrest. Today, we’ll cover your responsibilities when dealing with the police and how breaching those can result in a violation of your own rights and responsibilities, which could lead to your arrest. Conduct Yourself Properly, Get Arrested …Read More

  2. Stopped By Police? Know Your Rights

    In today’s blog post, the team at ASAP Bail Bonds will give you the best way to get out of jail: Never get sent to jail in the first place. While our bail bonds can reliably get you or a loved one out of jail under most circumstances, the best advice you can get about jail is to never make it there. One of the best ways to stay out of jail is to know your rights. Don’t Incriminate Yourself 9 t…Read More

  3. Avoiding Prison Time

    If you’ve been arrested in Greeley, your first step should be worrying about whether or not you’re eligible for a bail bond from ASAP Bail Bonds. If so, you can get out of jail, often in a matter of hours, but you’ll need to focus on your defense strategy for when you are asked to stand trial for the alleged crime. Staying Out of Prison Above all, your number one goal should be to avoid pris…Read More

  4. Why We Should Be Releasing Prisoners

    The true beauty of the United States lies in the dual-governing system of individual states and federal law; this system allows individual areas to craft their legal system in a way that is beneficial to the political climate in their region. One downfall of this system, however, is that some things can get blown out of a reasonable proportion at the state level - potentially in every state. Too M…Read More

  5. Arrests in Adams County, CO

    Being arrested in Adams County isn’t as straightforward as you may think, especially since the county lines can be difficult to keep track of. Today, we’ll go over the importance of communicating clearly when your loved one is arrested to get them out of the Adams County jail as quickly as possible. The Fastest Bail Bonds in Adams County At ASAP Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on our ability to…Read More

  6. Getting Out of Jefferson County Jail

    In Jefferson County, Colorado, when a friend or loved one is arrested, they will quickly be taken to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center in Golden, CO. Today, we’ll go over a few reasons why you will not want your friend or loved one to remain in jail here any longer than they have to, as well as how to get them out ASAP. Why and How to Get A Jefferson County Bail Bond Obvio…Read More

  7. The Challenges Of Bail

    Nothing is more saddening to us than to hear of people attempting to go it alone in the bail system, only to have to eventually seek a last-minute bail bond from the first bondsman they can get ahold of. If more people knew of how easy it is to work with one of the incredible bondsmen at ASAP Bail Bonds in Boulder and through the rest of the Front Range, we believe much of the stress could be avoi…Read More

  8. Greeley, CO Bail Bonds Start To Finish

    When you have found out that a friend or family member has been arrested in Greeley, it turns into a very confusing time and most people do not know where to turn, or how to get their loved one out of the Weld County jail as fast as possible. By contacting one of our professional, local bondsmen that provides bail bonds for the Weld County jail, you can make this confusing and frightening time as …Read More

  9. What Bondsmen Do

    We get asked all the time: “Exactly what do your bondsmen do?” It’s a good question, and one that is a bit more difficult to answer than a one or two sentence summary. Today, ASAP Bail Bonds will share what are bondsmen do for families across Northern Colorado, in places like Boulder, Denver, Greeley, and more. A Day In The Life Being A Bondsman To be a bondsman is to help people at one of t…Read More

  10. Finding a Good Bonding Company

    If your loved one has been imprisoned here in Weld County or anywhere else, your first priority is likely to get them out and home as quickly as possible. You should take caution, however, when choosing the bail bond company that you will partner with to achieve that goal. Here are ASAP Bail Bonds’ tips to finding a good bonding company, whenever and wherever you need one. High-Quality Bonding C…Read More