Hands on jail bars

If your loved one has been imprisoned here in Weld County or anywhere else, your first priority is likely to get them out and home as quickly as possible. You should take caution, however, when choosing the bail bond company that you will partner with to achieve that goal. Here are ASAP Bail Bonds’ tips to finding a good bonding company, whenever and wherever you need one.

High-Quality Bonding Company Traits

24-Hour Bail Bonds

If the bonding company you’re looking at doesn’t openly offer 24-hour service, then look elsewhere. To put it plainly: Most bonding work takes place “after hours,” and any bonding company that isn’t available during your time of need isn’t worth considering. After all, your loved one shouldn’t have to wait until Monday morning to begin the process of getting out of jail unless absolutely necessary.

Fast Response Times

Try reading a few online reviews about local bail bond agents and their bonding companies to get an idea for how people view their response times. Of course, many people choose not to leave online reviews for a bonding company, choosing instead to go on with life as if this hard time had never happened. You can gauge their response time personally by observing how quickly they answer the phone or get back to you, as well as how they handle your case once contacted. The right bonding agent will care about your situation and provide helpful information from the start.

Local Only

Never deal with massive bonding companies that may not even have a bondsman in the area. It is crucial that any bonding company you choose to partner with has one or more bail bond agents located near the jail that are familiar with the local court system. It is not enough for a bondsman to simply know how bail bonds work, but also how the inner workings of particular jails work, especially if your loved one is in one. The last thing you want is a bondsman that doesn’t know the local system gumming up the release of your loved one.

Reputable & Professional

Your experience with your bonding company shouldn’t be a negative one; after all, your family is likely already going through a strain due to the recent arrest of your loved one. Instead, the bonding company you choose to partner with should be reputable and professional in all of your interactions. Before you sign with them, ask questions to make sure you trust the person on the other end to get your loved one out of jail without raking you over the coals.

Contact ASAP Bail Bonds

Whenever your loved one has been arrested, even if they meet the above criteria, contact ASAP Bail Bonds right away for professional assistance with the entire bail bonds process. We have a team located in Weld County who knows the local court system well; we work hard to ensure that, whenever possible, we get your loved one out of jail and back home.

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