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We get asked all the time: “Exactly what do your bondsmen do?” It’s a good question, and one that is a bit more difficult to answer than a one or two sentence summary. Today, ASAP Bail Bonds will share what are bondsmen do for families across Northern Colorado, in places like Boulder, Denver, Greeley, and more.

A Day In The Life

Being A Bondsman

To be a bondsman is to help people at one of their biggest times of need. For most of us, throughout life there are only a handful of moments where we truly need the help of another to get by, and a bondsman gets the privilege of witnessing one of these moments for local families nearly everyday. People aren’t always happy to see or speak to a bail bondsman; in fact, people react very differently to the help companies like ASAP Bail Bonds provides. While some families are nervous and excited to get their loved one out of jail safely, others still are overwhelmed by the stress and become quite irritable. In any case, it is the bondsman’s job to help the family and accused alike through this trying time.

Stay Poised

There are many jobs that allow people to punch in and out at the same time, day after day and week after week. A bonding agent doesn’t have one of these jobs; instead, they remain vigilant at all hours of the day for incoming phone calls from distressed friends and families of the recently arrested, ready to assist with the speedy release of the accused. Even after the initial contact, the bondsman must remain patient and vigilant for the completion of jail and court’s processes with the accused, which ultimately lead to bail eligibility. To be a bondsman is to remain patient and available throughout the bail process for numerous local families each and everyday.

Careful Administration

One major perk of working with a bondsman is the clerical duties they take on for the families they serve. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, but there is a large amount of paperwork required to get someone released from jail on a bond. This paperwork must be done without error in order to expedite the release of your loved one, which is why our previous blog emphasized the importance of working with a local bail bondsman that has experience with the jail your loved one is held in. The administrative aspects of bail bonds can easily make the difference between your loved one getting out of jail right away or the next morning, which is an obvious choice for most families.

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