Most people have very little to do with the justice system on a daily basis and, therefore, really don’t have a full understanding of bail, or how bail bonds work. As a part of making the bail bond process as painless as possible, we believe in fully educating our clients on what it will take to get their loved one out of jail. When choosing a licensed bail bonds agent, here are the most important characteristics about bail that you should know.

What is bail?

Bail is a financial agreement between those representing the defendant and the court system. When bail is posted, the detained suspect is released from jail and remains free until they either violate the terms of their bail or until they must appear in court, as required by law. If the terms are violated, or the defendant does not appear as ordered, the bail money is forfeited and the suspect can then be apprehended and detained until the trial period concludes. The bail agent is the party responsible for ensuring that the suspect adheres to these terms of release and provides bail money on behalf of the defendant in the form of a bond.

Securing a bond

Basically, a bail bond is a promise made by a bail agent that a suspect will appear when ordered and will follow through on the terms of bail. Courts often either accept the full bond or 10 percent cash down for the release of a suspect.

In order to ensure that a defendant abides by the terms of his release, the bail agent charges a fee on top of the bail amount. Often times, bail bond agents also request collateral when posting bail for high-risk suspects. Should the suspect “jump bail” (i.e. leave the state or not show up for court appearances), the bond company can hire the services of a bounty hunter to track down and locate the suspect. This usually means that the cosigner of the bond forfeits the bond and the collateral as payment to the bond company.

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